Metal Artistry of Kenneth King
What is Mokume?

    Mokume Gane (pronounced Moe-koo-may Gah-nay) is an exceptional material of incredible beauty and complexity. It is constructed of multiple layers of contrasting non-ferrous metals fused together under intense heat and pressure. This laminate is then manipulated to expose the separate layers, each retaining its own unique character and color.  The mokume is then shaped and formed using traditional and modern metalsmithing techniques.        
    Mokume plate before forming        
    Same Mokume used in Earrings        
    Originally developed by the Japanese hundreds of years ago, mokume was primarily made of copper and silver alloys. However, the advent of modern technology now enables us to bond many diverse precious metals. The materials we use involve a wide range of Karat gold’s (18kt, 14kt) in all colors (yellow, white, red gold’s), platinum, palladium, and high tech metals such as titanium. These materials allow us to produce precious metal mokume designs of stunning elegance and intricacy.